REMINDER: Rumblefish at Portland Web Innovators tonight

Sorry for the tardy reminder, but I’m hoping it still motivates some folks to attend tonight’s Portland Web Innovators featuring Paul Anthony of Rumblefish.

Portland Web Innovators was founded because we don’t just like the technology or the design. Yes, those are a big part of our craft. We also want to work on fulfilling projects, for companies that do good stuff. For many of us, we want to start our own companies. In fact, many Web Innovators already have.

At the May meeting, you’ll hear a story of how one guy did it. Paul Anthony started in his dorm room in 1996. That’s a pretty humble beginning and I hope his story will inspire you. Join me to hear about the success he’s made over more than a decade.

For more info or to RSVP, see Portland Web Innovators on Upcoming.


  1. The voice of ratiolnaity! Good to hear from you.

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