5 best bets for Portland happy hours, cheap cocktails, and discount drafts

“Times are tough” is the understatement of the year. We get it. Pinch and save. Every penny is important.

And yet, you’re busting your ass to work your day job and then staying up all night to work on your side project. Or you’re out there hustling full time to make your startup dream come true.

You could use a break, if only briefly. But you need it to be as affordable as possible.

Technology can get us there, my friend. And leave it to Portland, the home of more brewpubs per capita, to come up with the very application of that technology to help you out. Happy Hour prices, here we come.


Glowing with a fresh set of paint from a recent redesign and some substantial behind the scenes work by Matt King—including an improved mobile version and speedier performance—Portland-based Unthirsty offers easy access to happy hours throughout Portland, or anywhere else you might be. If you’re into mapping, the geo-geek mapping goodness here may keep you chained to your desk a little longer than you expected.

For more, follow @unthirsty on Twitter.


[HTML1]Portland-based Barfly offers the Guide to Portland Happy Hours allows you to slice and dice your choices in a variety of ways—including finding kid friendly locations were you can take the whole family for cheap eats. Pricing, accouterment, and patron feedback make Barfly once of the most detailed reviews around.

For more, follow @portlandbarfly on Twitter.

Urban Drinks

Portland-based Urban Drinks gives you a quick total of how many happy hours are available in each Portland neighborhood—including a count of those happening at this very moment. Need a second opinion? The latest user reviews are front and center, helping you choose a new spot to partake in potent potables.

For more, follow @urbandrinks on Twitter.


Portland-based Forkfly isn’t happy hour specific—but it can still help you find deals. Designed to run on mobile handsets, Forkfly serves up discounts and coupons for your favorite restaurants. Whereas the other sites will help you figure out where to go, Forkfly will help you figure out if you can save money where you’re already sitting.

For more, follow @forkfly on Twitter.


Brand new to the Portland happy hour collecting scene is Seattle-based GoTime. And while their site isn’t reflecting much in the way of Portland, the GoTime iPhone app offers happy hours in both Portland and Seattle.

Happy Hours for iPhone shows all of the food and drink specials going on near you (in Seattle and Portland). Click through to see a photo of the bar or restaurant, and details such as the menu, location, amenities, and even what other people have to say.

For more, follow @gotime_portland on Twitter.

Bonus: Just looking for something cool to drink?

If you’re more interested in taste than cost, check out @OregonBeer on Twitter, check the Portland Beer wiki, or visit PDX Plate’s list of Portland brew pubs with Twitter accounts.

Here’s hoping you find some affordable eats and drinks—and that provides the energy you need to get back to your working on your side projects and startups.

(Image courtesy ahockley. Used with permission.)

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  2. […] 5 best bets for Portland happy hours, cheap cocktails, and … May 27, 2009 … For more, follow @portlandbarfly on Twitter. …. BlogNetNews.com/Oregon · Dave knows Portland … […]

  3. […] 5 best bets for Portland happy hours, cheap cocktails, and … May 27, 2009 … For more, follow @portlandbarfly on Twitter. …. BlogNetNews.com/Oregon · Dave knows Portland … […]

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