Mugasha adds a slew of new sets

If you’re into electronica, you’re likely a heavy podcast consumer—a great way to get a ton of new tunes to fill your library. But there’s one major issue with that format: like the live sets, DJ podcasts are a single unbroken stream of music—often hours on end—with no way to determine which songs are which and who’s being sampled.

Enter Portland-based Mugasha—arguably the most successful service to come out of Portland Startup Weekend. Mugasha slices and dices DJ sets into consumable—and intelligible—chunks, making it easier on the listener and providing more promotional opportunities for the DJs.

I’ve been a huge fan of Mugasha and the DJs they’ve had since their launch. But the pool of available music had been growing a little stagnant. Until today.

Now, Mugasha has updated to add a number of of new artists to their selection, effectively doubling the number of available artists on the service:

Admittedly, the number of sets from each of the new artists isn’t as extensive as the more established Mugasha DJs. That said, it’s still great to see the team expanding their reach into the electronica scene. Because that means that more sets are likely coming. And with this momentum likely more artists.

And that’s a good thing for all of us.

Now, I have some new stuff to which I can listen as I sit here and blog about it. How meta.


  1. Thanks for noticing, Rick 🙂

    Over the last month or two we have been reaching out to some great artists and talking with them about Mugasha. You are starting to see the results of those talks now, with the expanded line up. Each of these shows will be putting out new sets on Mugasha on a regular basis (weekly or monthly depending on the artist).

    AND there are more shows in the works! As we put the logistics in place with the artists, the shows will be hitting Mugasha.

    If you have a show that you would love to see on Mugasha, we’d love to hear about it. Let us know here: http://mugasha.com/blog/Suggest-A-Show!

    Stay tuned, things are getting fun 🙂

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