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Want to see your favorite DJs live? Mugasha brings live electronica to you through the magic of livestreaming

Well get ready to be happy. Because the folks at Portland-based Mugasha are working to bring some of your favorite DJs to your favorite Web browser – live.

While listening to recordings of DJ sets is great, nothing beats hearing a DJ spinning a set live. But for many of us, getting out to the spots where that’s occurring—where the DJs are doing their thing—can be challenging at best. What’s not quite as challenging, however, is finding time to sit in front of a laptop.

If only there were some way to combine sitting in front of a screen with seeing a DJ live. Well get ready to be happy. Because the folks at Portland-based Mugasha are working to bring some of your favorite DJs to your favorite Web browser—live. Read More

REMINDER: Like the electronica? Make sure to head to the Mugasha launch party tonight

As you may have read in my previous gushing, Portland Startup Weekend graduate Mugasha launched this week. And what’s a great launch without a great launch party? Well, it’s a great launch. But it’s still cool to have a launch party.

And that’s just what the Mugasha folks are doing. Tonight. So if you’re a fan of electronica and you’re looking for something to do this evening, join Mugasha at Rontoms tonight to celebrate. Read More

Portland Startup Weekend valedictorian Mugasha opens sliced and diced DJ sets to everyone

[HTML3]I’ve been following and listening to Portland-based Mugasha—a service that gives you access to an impressive collection of streaming electronica DJ sets sliced into manageable chunks—since its humble beginnings at Portland Startup Weekend in May 2008. (I’ve got Myon and Shane 54 going as we speak.) Since then, they’ve been covered by Scoble (although the Qik video looks like it’s gone now), got some love when they launched their private beta, and were selected for the SXSW 2009 Accelerator program. But I haven’t been able to really gush about them until now. Read More

Mugasha adds a slew of new sets

If you’re into electronica, you’re likely a heavy podcast consumer—a great way to get a ton of new tunes to fill your library. But there’s one major issue with that format: like the live sets, DJ podcasts are a single unbroken stream of music—often hours on end—with no way to determine which songs are which and who’s being sampled.

Enter Portland-based Mugasha—arguably the most successful service to come out of Portland Startup Weekend. Mugasha slices and dices DJ sets into consumable—and intelligible—chunks, making it easier on the listener and providing more promotional opportunities for the DJs.

I’ve been a huge fan of Mugasha and the DJs they’ve had since their launch. But the pool of available music had been growing a little stagnant. Until today. Read More