Open Source Bridge or Marshall Kirkpatrick? Pick one (relax, you can’t go wrong)

Remember that one scene in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade? You know the one. Near the end? Where they finally find the Holy Grail but it’s mixed up with all the chalices and cups and whatnot? Well, there will be no “He [or she] chose… poorly” tonight, my friend. Pick either the Open Source Bridge Volunteer Orientation or Portland Web Innovators featuring Marshall Kirkpatrick on APIs. No matter what, you’ll come off as wise as Indiana.

Need more than that to go on? Okay okay. Here’s what you’ve got.

For the Open Source Bridge Volunteer Orientation, this is your opportunity to trade eight hours of volunteer work for free attendance to three days of open source fun, June 17-19.

Interested in helping out with Open Source Bridge—and maybe getting to attend for free?[HTML3]

You’re in luck. Next week, [Tonight] we’re hosting a Volunteer Orientation where you’ll be able to learn about the available volunteer positions and sign-up for shifts. If you’re interesting in helping, please attend.[HTML3]

If you aren’t able to attend, please let Christie Koehler know by email at christiekoehler at gmail dot com.

To RSVP, see the Open Source Bridge Volunteer Orientation on Upcoming.

And what about that Marshall Kirkpatrick guy?

APIs: How Earth Shaking Could They Be and Why Haven’t They Shaken The Earth Yet?[HTML3]

Join Marshall Kirkpatrick at the Portland Web Innovators June meeting. Marshall, lead blogger for ReadWriteWeb, will lead a discussion about the potential of web APIs and a critical look at why they may not have lived up to it yet.

To RSVP, see the Portland Web Innovators posting on Upcoming.

(Image courtesy Rob Young. Used under Creative Commons.)



  1. Marshall Kirkpatrick June 3, 2009 at 2:42 pm

    Oh jeez, thanks for the kind words Rick – now I’m going to have to guilt trip the folks who come to Web Innovators into volunteering for OSBridge 🙂

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