Portland CSS guru Chris Coyier launches Digging Into WordPress

Now, granted, Digging Into WordPress is brand new. But the “THAT’s a Portland company?” response has long been attributed to Chris’ CSS Tricks site, one of the best resources for CSS hacks around.

There are any number of awesome companies and people here in town that—for one reason or another—simply aren’t immediately identified as “being from Portland.” They’re companies like Panic, COLOURlovers, and SurveyMonkey. Brilliant companies that always elicit the same response: “THAT’s a Portland company?”

Today, I want to add another name to the list: Chris Coyier, who has just launched Digging Into WordPress.

Digging Into WordPress

Now, granted, Digging Into WordPress is brand new. But I’m confident that it’s going to be good. Why? Well, because Chris’ other blog is one that has consistently evoked the “THAT’s a Portland company?” response. His other blog? It’s CSS Tricks, one of the best resources around for intelligible guidance on CSS hacks.

If Digging Into WordPress is even half as good as CSS Tricks, then Digging Into WordPress is a must-add for your feed reader.

What will Chris’ new blog cover? Glad you asked. Here’s how it’s been described.

DiggingIntoWordPress.com is the blog home for the upcoming book of the same name by Chris Coyier and Jeff Starr. Books and blogs are the perfect compliment to each other when it comes to learning web technologies. The blog is there for searchability, quick tips, and copy and pasteable code. The book is there for offline reference and that essential full-attention first read through when your brain is ready to soak in a ton of new information. Digging Into WordPress brings you the best of both.

So take a chance to swing by Digging Into WordPress. And if you haven’t had a chance to experience it, I’d suggest you swing by CSS Tricks, as well.



  1. Ugh. Well, I’m glad I got the chance to cover your work at least once. 🙂

    Enjoy Chicago. It’s a great town.

  2. Thanks for the coverage Rick! Very flattering. I have the worst possible news for you though, I’ll be moving to Chicago in a few weeks. So technically CSS-Tricks will be a Chicago company. =P. It’s nothing against Portland of course, this is one of the greatest cities ever!

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