ISITE Design Hosts Lunch 2.0 at McFadden’s

Yesterday, ISITE Design surprised the Portland Lunch 2.0 crowd by reserving McFadden’s for the event.

Apparently, McFadden’s is their unofficial first-floor “conference room”.  Last-minute operational snags torpedoed catering by Koi Fusion PDX (@koifusionpdx), making this the first Portland Lunch 2.0 with a wait-staff and TV, more on that in minute.

Anyway, I didn’t get a very accurate count, but McFadden’s was pretty full, but not bursting. The weather was spectacular, which may have changed some people’s plans.Veteran Lunch 2.0 host, Andy Van Oostrum gave some opening remarks about ISITE and introduced some of his colleagues. After that, I’m not sure what happened, since I went outside to see why KOIN was filming the front of McFadden’s. Turns out there was a mugging in front of the pub over the weekend, and they were taking some footage.

The reporter asked me if I committed the mugging. I think he was joking.

Anyway, on the way back in, I ran into Mr. Sili-Flo himself (that’s Rick) and chatted with him about world domination and other topics for a bit.

Meanwhile inside, I think after Andy’s bit, the hosts for July’s Lunch 2.0, Mark Friel and Kristin Hammond (coincidentally, aka @FzMcFadden) talked about their upcoming lunch, hosted by Pacific Real Estate Partners at Jive, one of their clients.

After the talking portion, came the eating and watching soccer portion. The US-Spain Confederation Cup match was on the TVs, and the Lunch 2.0 crowd was pretty enthusiastic to watch the US win 2-0, creating another coincidence, i.e. the score.

Get it? 2-0 as in Lunch 2.0, never mind.

Stephanie El-Hajj and Ken Wagner then raffled off tickets for the SAO‘s golf tournament on July 10.

Too bad low score wins in golf, oh well.

All-in-all a pretty eventful Lunch 2.0.

Thanks to Andy and ISITE for hosting.

Don’t forget these Lunch 2.0s, coming soon:

I hope to announce at least one upcoming Lunch 2.0 for August, possibly two. Stay tuned, or not, it’s Summer. Enjoy.

Big thanks to all the hosts who have hosted or plan to host Lunch 2.0. Drop a comment (or tweet @jkuramot) if you want information about hosting one. It’s easy.