Jive flying high: Lufthansa gets on board with social business software

[HTML2]Today, there are likely a bunch of folks in Portland who are wishing that the direct flight from PDX to Frankfurt was still available.

Why? Well, Portland-based Jive Software just announced that Lufthansa has chosen Jive’s Social Business Software to power a “company-wide networking initiative” designed to get Lufthansa employees sharing more information with their peers.

“Currently, a tremendous amount of information and thus, knowledge, is stored on individual’s desktops, network shares or in their email inboxes,” said Klaus Lukas, Director Enterprise Portal, Deutsche Lufthansa AG in a press release. “We hope to break up these silos of information making it extremely simple for people to share and find the information they need and use in their everyday work.”

The decision comes after an extensive bake-off with other social software options followed by Lufthansa’s running Jive’s software through a four-month pilot period.

Pun intended.

And while Germans may love David Hasselhoff, it’s becoming apparent that they love Jive, too. The news of Frankfurt-based Lufthansa news follows on the heels of Jive’s last announcement—a partnership with German business intelligence juggernaut SAP.

From a business perspective, Lufthansa marks another big win for an already high-flying Jive, which continues to rack up quarter after quarter of impressive stats. Even more impressive than that? Jive’s continued ability to buck the “down economy” trends.

For more information on the deal, see the Jive press release announcing the Lufthansa deal.


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