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Socially mobile: Jive releases Social Business Software 4.0, iPhone app, and BlackBerry and smart phone functionality

Not only did Jive upgrade their core product to Social Business Software 4.0, they also made it more accessible by releasing apps for the iPhone and BlackBerry platforms.

Portland-based Jive Software is currently in the midst of their first ever user group, Jive World. And as such, it seems that there is no better time to launch new products—especially when you’ve got all of your most fervent users together in one room.

So that’s just what they did. Not only did Jive upgrade their core product to Social Business Software 4.0, they also made it more accessible by releasing an app for the iPhone and functionality for BlackBerry and smart phones. Read More

In the strange bedfellows department, Jive hooks up with Microsoft SharePoint

Sometimes, opposites attract. This would be one of those times.

News coming out of Jive Software this morning is like some freakish beauty and the beast episode of The Dating Game. Portland-based Jive—known for its Social Business Software that opens the power of social features to business communications—has begun a tempestuous relationship with Microsoft SharePoint—the classically unwieldy “Intranet” solution.

Introducing Jive Social Business Software SharePoint Connector. Read More

Jive Market Engagement promises to help companies monitor—and effectively participate in—social media

There are any number of techniques for listening to what’s happening in the world of social media, from simple Google Alerts to complex Yahoo! Pipes. But what happens when you’re a company that wants to move from lurking to participating?

Well, Portland-based Jive Software has announced a new solution that may help, Jive Market Engagement. Read More

Toshiba gets more connected with Jive Social Business Software

I know, I know. It seems like I’m falling into a bit of Jive fanboi-ism. But man oh man, if these folks aren’t rolling out one impressive announcement after another these days. And in a day and age where we continue to get doom and gloom about the economy and business prospects, these Jive announcements are like a little ray of sunshine.

Last week they were taking wing with Lufthansa and this week Jive announced that they had signed Toshiba’s sales team and resellers to power a new community designed to improve sales communications and collaboration called Toshiba eXCHANGE. Read More

Jive flying high: Lufthansa gets on board with social business software

[HTML2]Today, there are likely a bunch of folks in Portland who are wishing that the direct flight from PDX to Frankfurt was still available.

Why? Well, Portland-based Jive Software just announced that Lufthansa has chosen Jive’s Social Business Software to power a “company-wide networking initiative” designed to get Lufthansa employees sharing more information with their peers. Read More

Forecast for Jive Social Business Software? Cloudy (and that’s a good thing)

A little over a year ago, Portland-based Jive Software announced that they were relocating to the Federal Reserve building. The decision was both a testament to their success and a signal that they were planning to continue to grow.

But for me, one of the most interesting aspects of their chosen location was their new proximity to a big Internet pipe running through the middle of Portland. Maybe, I mentioned to a few other folks, there was a reason they wanted to be sitting on that pipe. Maybe Jive is looking to deliver their product over the Web. The response? Maybe. Read More