Thank you, Aaron Hockley

I just wanted to take a few seconds to thank Aaron Hockley. I mean, besides all of the WordCamp Portland stuff. Besides all of the photography goodness. Besides helping found the Portland WordPress User Group. And that’s not even counting all the #getoffmylawn goodness.

I’ve seen him jump to the aid of many a desperate WordPress user. But tonight was the first time I had to call on him for a little WordPress help. Quite frankly, I don’t know what I’d be doing right now if he hadn’t. I certainly wouldn’t be writing this post.

I don’t want to go into any great details but suffice it to say there was something nefarious occurring behind the scenes of Silicon Florist.

I’m talking sick-to-your-stomach nefarious. Cold-sweat-inducing nefarious. Almost-in-tears nefarious.

Hockley found the issue. Walked me through any number of steps to diagnose it. And helped me repair it. Even though that whole string of repairs kept both of us busy throughout afterhours.

He likely had tons of other things to do. (I mean, I’ve heard he has a side project or two.) And yet, he stuck with me and helped me deal with the issue way more quickly and sanely than I would have otherwise.

I owe him a Whiffies pie, a bouquet of Silicon Florist flowers, any number of beers, and my heartfelt gratitude.

Thanks, @ahockley.

  1. three cheers for Hockley

  2. @Nahbois If I can correctly diagnose what happened and how, I’ll be happy to share it. In the meantime, I’d suggest upgrading to the latest and greatest version of WordPress.

  3. you’re not going to share the issue so that others of us can attempt to avoid it? Now I’m worried about my wordpress sites!

  4. I heard your cries for help last night, alas, I was on the road – at least that’s my excuse. I use this excuse to cover my complete incompetence in WordPress. Not that I don’t want to be competent, it just, well, yeah, there’s that other – um. Well, time. Ok, there, I’ve said it – it’s about time!

    Way to go Aaron! Thanks for keeping the Florist flagrantly fragrant!

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