Windows users rejoice: Beer and Blog is raffling off a Sprint 4G card… and it’s not compatible with Macs

You know who you are. You participate in the tech events. You do cool stuff. And you dutifully attend Beer and Blog on a regular basis. But more often than not, when folks starting pulling out their laptops, the glow of little white apples makes you feel like you’re in the minority.

Well, revel in that Window-ness my friend, because you’ve got a chance to win big, this Friday. How, you ask? Well Beer and Blog will be raffling off a brand new Sprint 4G data card and six months of free service—and none of it is compatible with Macintosh.

The plan is to collect names in a pitcher and then pull a name from it. We’ll choose a name at 6pm and that person will be given the 4G card on the spot with contact details to get the 6 month plan activated. One thing to note, is that we hear this card is not compatible with Macs. Don’t whine, it was a free giveaway and we want to encourage more companies to send us goodies that we can pass on to y’all.

How did little ol’ Beer and Blog Portland pull such a coup? Well, it helps to know people. And Brian Westbrook is one of those people it helps to know. He helped connect the dots between Beer and Blog and the Sprint folks.

Yeah, but how fast is it, really? Well, in some tests, the 4G connection is pretty darn impressive:

In the lab, WiMax can deliver a peak data speed of 40Mbit/sec. But in the real world, speed depends on things like how far you are from a transmitting tower, how many others are using the network and the general health of the Internet. Expect to see download speeds between 3Mbit/sec. and 5Mbit/sec., or about three times what the current 3G networks from AT&T, Sprint and Verizon can deliver.

Why now? Well, Sprint is launching its 4G network in Portland with a variety of pomp and circumstance this week. And Brian must have tipped them off that the Beer and Blog folk are a chatty bunch.

So pack up your Windows machine and head to Beer and Blog, this Friday. Your odds are incredibly good.

For more information or to RSVP, see Beer and Blog Portland on Upcoming.


  1. This is a very interesting discussion. It will be interesting to see what other people think about this. I’ll have to check back and see the comments that follow.

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  2. I think Justin’s exaggerating… I’m not so much “the shit” as “one of those people that knows people”. It’s kinda what I do.

    And to Rick’s point about Windows users, two observations: A) Mac compatibility is coming in 2009, probably a few months away, and B) There’s a battery-powered pocket router that may tide Mac users over until “A” happens. I talk about both on this here 4G launch post… audio from Tuesday on Newsradio 750 KXL about the launch at the end of the post.

    Good luck Beer & Bloggers!

  3. Brian Westbrook is the shit. Nice add on the context for 4G’s speed. And you are the influencer in Portland that you are because you pick up on story elements like this:

    So pack up your Windows machine and head to Beer and Blog, this Friday. Your odds are incredibly good.

    That’s hilarious! You totally want the card still, don’t you?

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