Considering creating cross platform mobile apps? Don’t miss PhoneGap at Mobile Portland tonight

[HTML3]Looking to be a little cruel to your developer friends? Ask a mobile developer when s/he is going to take her/his application cross platform. If only for the entertainment of watching the pained expression cross her/his face. Because nine times out of ten, that’s the type of reaction you’re going to get.

But what if the effort of developing cross platform apps could be simplified by using HTML and Javascript to develop native apps? And what if mobile types could still get access to native handset features using that technique? And what if it could still be sold through the App Store or Market or whatever? What if…? PhoneGap will be answering those what-ifs at Mobile Portland tonight.

If you’re a developer who doesn’t want to take the time and effort to learn the Objective-C programming language to build iPhone or other mobile applications, you’ll discover how to create mobile applications with HTML and JavaScript and still take advantage of native device features, like GPS, accelerometer and local storage, etc.… Avoid the heresy of Objective-C or Java and return to the sanity of the open web. In this presentation, Brian LeRoux guides you through the creation of a mobile web application that is app store ready, and will discuss future platforms for PhoneGap and XUI.

In other words, instead of learning another language, why not use a language you already know? Especially when you gain access to any number of mobile platforms?


Sound interesting? You bet it does. So what are you waiting for? Clear your Monday night schedule.

For more information or to RSVP for tonight’s event, see Mobile Portland: PhoneGap on Upcoming. For more information on more awesome presentations like this, visit Mobile Portland.


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