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After nearly a decade of events, Mobile Portland is hanging up

It’s no secret that the Portland startup scene boasts a wealth of events. And often, their specificity is as impressive as their programming—from obscure language user groups to hacks that mash together all matter of data and content. But, whenever someone asks what Portland tech event they should plan to attend, the first words out of my mouth—for almost eight years—have been “Mobile Portland.” Read More

REMINDER: AppThwack presents at Mobile Portland tonight

In a world of millions of apps, testing your app can be the difference between getting noticed and getting deleted. That’s why the folks from AppThwack will be discussing tonight at Mobile Portland with “Two Strikes, You’re Out: The Importance of Testing.” Read More

REMINDER: Google wants to help you improve your mobile Web experience at Mobile Portland

One of the nice things about ApacheCon in town is that we don’t have to travel to get access to its awesome content. Another perk? We get the opportunity to meet really interesting folks who come to town for these events—whether we attend or not. Read More

REMINDER: Mobile Portland heads to Ziba for a chat with Amazon about the Appstore

Sorry for the tardy reminder, but I wanted to make sure that you were aware that Mobile Portland will be held tonight. Also of note, instead of Urban Airship hosting, Ziba will be providing the venue, this time. Read More

REMINDER: Windows curious? Get the lowdown on Windows 8 at Mobile Portland

From the better late than never files, a last minute reminder for Mobile Portland, tonight, Monday, October 22. So why not come in out of the rain and spend a little time getting up to speed on Windows 8 and what it means to the world of mobile? Read More

REMINDER: Mobile Portland shares lessons learned from a re-startup mobile company, tonight

From the “better late than never” files… I wanted to remind you—especially if you’re an aspiring entrepreneur—that Mobile Portland has a great presentation tonight on lessons learned from running a mobile startup. Read More

Running with responsive Web design: Athletepath at Mobile Portland, this Monday

Portland startup Athletepath had a big test this weekend when they provided the official race results for the largest relay race in the world, the Hood To Coast Relay. And to serve that massive audience, they had to have a mobile presence that could withstand the onslaught of tens of thousands of athletes and fans. Read More

REMINDER: Mobile Portland focuses on building mobile apps for emerging technology regions, Monday night

More often than not, mobile app development focuses on the newest whiz bang technology for the coolest new handsets. (That’s right. I said “whiz bang.” I’m not afraid.) But what about building apps for people in regions with emerging technology? Read More

Tonight: Get up and practice pitching your concept or sit back and learn how to pitch your app

Two great events in Portland tonight, which makes it tough to decide where to be when. But hey, good problem to have, right? Right.

So choose now. Are you headed to Mobile Portland or to Pitch Club tonight? Read More

What the heck is going on with wireless? Find out at Mobile Portland, Monday night

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times. Mobile Portland is the best thing going for the Portland startup community right now. So if you can go, you should.

Tonight, Monday, April 23, they’re talking about what the heck is going on with wireless. Read More

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