Startup curious? Startupday 2009 could help awaken your inner entrepreneur

[HTML2]To many, the lure of entrepreneurial pursuits is overwhelming. They’re driven to start stuff. And as such, they can’t help but startup everything from side projects to full-fledged companies. They’re crazy that way.

But what if you’ve got a great idea and nowhere to start? What if you’re not quite sure how to dip you toe in the water? What if you’re not even sure you’d have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?

Well, there’s a new event—put on by the fine folks at Seattle 2.0—this September that may be able to help you make that decision: introducing Startupday 2009.

StartupDay is a conference for people who are interested in learning about startups so they can better prepare themselves when they decide to found or join one. This event is exclusively for those working in the high-tech industry. Each of the speakers is a founder or CEO of a tech startup, ranging in size from a handful to more than 100 employees with tens of millions in revenue.

Need more motivation? Well how about 7 Reasons to Attend Startupday 2009 (and 3 not to)? My favorite reason has to be number five: You’ll have access to the Advisory Room with the opportunity for 15-minutes one-on-one conversations with startup pros including CEOs, founders, attorneys, accountants, venture capitalists, angel investors and more.

In my opinion, that access to consultation alone is worth the registration fee.

And what’s that fee, you ask? Well, if you hurry, you can register for less than $140. Not bad for all of the great speakers and access to other entrepreneurs. Who knows? You might even find your future business partner at the conference.

So what are you waiting for? Startupday 2009 will be held September 26 at Meydenbauer Center in Bellevue. For more information or to register, visit Startupday 2009. Or to stay in the loop, as they say, you can follow Startupday on Twitter.


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