OEN Venture Northwest: You’ve got one week left to apply

For many entrepreneurs, convincing a venture capital group to fund their business is a dream come true. Not only do they gain capital, but they also get some validation that—contrary to what their families have been telling them—they may not be crazy.

But making those connections—even before the funding comes into the picture—can be difficult. Very difficult. That’s why there are any number of events that work to play matchmaker between startups and people looking to fund startups. And one of the most respected events for making those connections around here? That would be OEN Venture Northwest. And if you act fast, you could be one of the companies being introduced to those investors.

OEN Venture Northwest is the premier forum for new and emerging investment opportunities in exciting companies throughout the Pacific Northwest. This conference will showcase venture ready companies to visiting investors. If your company is venture-ready we invite you to apply. We’re looking for strong companies from Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and British Columbia who are ready to demonstrate their promise and progress.

What’s it take to apply? If you’re a member of the OEN, it’s going to run $350. Not a member? $545. And you’ve got some homework to do. In order to review your company and its potential, the organizers would also like you to submit a 5-page executive summary, a 10-slide presentation, a 50-word summary about what it is you do, and a 600-word company description that details the particulars of your business.

Plans will go through a two phase process. First, they’ll got through a “yes, no, maybe” review by members of the selection committee. Then, those that rise to the top will go through an intensive qualitative and quantitative selection process.

All applicants—whether selected or not—get one ticket to the event. And if you make the cut? You’ll be presenting your company, ideas, and products to venture capital firms and investors from throughout the Pacific Northwest. That’s right. You’ll get to pitch VCs—hence the “venture” in the title.

So, if you’ve got your idea hammered out and you’ve got your materials tuned up, this may be a really good opportunity for you. And you better get going there, tiger. Submissions close on September 2 at 5 PM. Meaning you’ve got about a week.

Sound good? It does, doesn’t it? And I mean, c’mon. You and I both know that thing you’re working on is going to be amazing—and some additional capital would probably help you get there even faster.

Long story short, if you think you’ve got the chops, you should apply to present at Venture Northwest.

Still not convinced? Or maybe you’re just looking for some more details? Read up on Venture Northwest application details.


  1. Hey Rick
    great post. Although I’d causion against jumping w-o 1st contacting venture backed ceo’s what it’s like before jumping w/ both feet….

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