One small step forward for buying local, one giant leap backward for hypocrisy

Anyone who puts up with me on Twitter often sees me carping about the Web hosting for Silicon Florist. Good news, my friends. At least that part of my whining may soon be coming to an end.

You see, when I started Silicon Florist on a whim a couple of years ago, I didn’t exactly plan it well. I just hacked together something on an existing server I had and went from there. And that didn’t scale terribly well. And I couldn’t seem to find time to resolve it.

Well, I’ve finally moved over to a new host—Portland-based Taproot—and in so doing, I’m hoping to have solved a few problems.

First, you should see the blog being a little more snappy. In addition, it should be a lot more stable. Responsive and reliable? If only my writing can follow suit.

Second, I’m finally buying local. True, I often admit to being hypocritical. But in this case, paying someone outside the Silicon Forest for hosting the code for Silicon Florist has always struck me as an especially egregious form of my hypocrisy. So that’s been resolved now. Silicon Florist is now as fresh and local as your local farmers’ market. Well, okay. It’s local anyway.

Third, Silicon Florist is getting more green. Which only seemed appropriate. You see Taproot is 100% green Web hosting. And it’s wind-powered. And since the majority of the writing here is me spouting off hot air, that seemed like a perfect match.

As always, when you start moving these things around, there’s always the potential that something will break or go wonky. So if you see something that seems awry—technically—please let me know.



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  4. Taproot has a great page on what makes them green. http://taproothosting.com/greenwebhosting.html A number of ISPs are doing wind-power offsets this already. What would make an ISP really stand out is if it focuses on the amount of electricity used. Posting a kilowatt consumption rating on each server they run would be one way to do that. A $20 Kill-a-Watt device is great for measuring electricity consumption.

  5. Thank you so much for the mention, Rick!! And it was nice to speak with you, David. 🙂

    Hi Aaron! I’m sorry we missed your tweet. We support multiple domains. The Slim account comes with one add-on domain, but ultimately what we care more about is the storage/bandwidth. If you’re under that and want to add an additional domain, we’ll definitely bump your number of add-on domains up. We set the limit so folks don’t go crazy, but we take it on a case-by-case basis. 🙂

  6. I didn’t get an answer when I asked on Twitter, but maybe I will here: are those prices on their website per domain or do any of those hosting accounts include support for multiple domains.

  7. Thanks, Rick. I was just shopping for a new host, not wanting to give any more money to GoDaddy. I called and a very nice person answered the phone! Done deal.

  8. Viva local! We use local and green too, Acorn.

    Next thing you know you’ll be going vegan!

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