REMINDER: Discuss the PortlandOnline design contest with the City of Portland tonight at City Hall

[HTML3]If you’ve been even remotely near the Twitter, the Facebook, and the blogs, you’ve no doubt caught wind of the PortlandOnline design contest. It’s become a catalyzing event for the conversation between the City of Portland and the Web and graphic design community—and likely one that will continue to affect discussions between the two for some time to come. And even though it started on the wrong foot, good things appear to be coming of it.

Now, for the first time, the City of Portland is going to sit down in-person with the design community to discuss the issue. And you’re invited.

You may remember another meeting that took place with the design community discussing the PortlandOnline contest. Unfortunately, due to timing, staff from the City was unable to attend.

But tonight, the folks leading the conversation have managed to secure a meeting with City to discuss the issue. Sound interesting? Join the meeting at 6 PM in the Rose Room on the third floor of City Hall.

Eric Hillerns writes:

Just a reminder that the next Town Hall Meeting with the City of Portland and the Mayor’s Office is tonight. City staff in attendance will most likely include Laurel Butman, Jeremy Van Keuren, and Phillip Holmstrand from Management & Finance and Roy Kaufman and Skip Newberry from the Mayor’s office.[HTML2]

We sincerely hope that you will join in the discussion. While the City has revised their stance, there is still a core issue at hand here and an opportunity to chart a future course with these types of projects.

No idea what all the hubbub is about? Here’s a little of the back story on the PortlandOnline design contest and the resulting discussion.

For more information or to RSVP, see the PortlandOnline meeting on Upcoming.


  1. Love to come but I’m in MI. Trust the city is in good hands. Would someone please emphasize 311? It’s not design, but it’s transformational and has huge design implications. Check this out: http://www.victorshilo.com/dc311/2/. You can only do this from the 311 platform – it’s straight intel around which the city should be organizing its operations.

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