WhereCamp PDX pinpoints a location

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a million times: Portland loves the camps. And while—this summer—the camps seemed to be a little light, we’ve still got a few on the docket as we saunter into the fall camp camp campity camp season.

One of those camps is WordCamp Portland which I’m not going to talk about right now, because I’m going to be talking about them later. Hint hint.

Another, is WhereCamp PDX, the geogeeking camp for all of you mapping and geolocation types. And if that sounds interesting to you, you’ll be happy to know that WhereCamp has just finalized their dates and location, October 2-4 at Metro.

We’re pleased to announce we have a venue and a date! WhereCampPDX will be happening October 2nd through the 4th, with the main unconference session portion happening on Oct. 3rd at the Metro Regional Center. If you’re planning to attend, please let us know by adding your name to the attendees list on the wiki. You can also suggest a session that you’d like to host or participate in.

Now that they’ve got dates and a place—and we know that a bunch of people are going to show up for the event—they’ve got one piece of the puzzle left: sponsors. So if you appreciate geolocation and mapping—and seriously, who doesn’t?—you might want to consider kicking in a few bucks so that people can get together and talk about that sort of stuff.

And of course, if you like the geogeeking and whatnot, get on over to WhereCamp PDX and get more details.