Want to go to LinuxCon for free? Better act fast

[HTML2]As I’ve mentioned a couple of times, Portland will be hosting the inaugural LinuxCon in a few weeks. Linux Plumbers Conf 2009 will be held in Portland the same week. And then there’s those Fake Linus Torvalds folks.

That’s a lot of Linux. And what’s one of our favorite things about Linux—and for that matter open source in general? That’s right, for people with knowhow, it’s a great way to adopt great technology for little to no cost. If only that same knowhow could get you into LinuxCon with little to no cost.

Well, now it can. But you have to act fast.

LinuxCon has offered Silicon Florist 20 free passes to the event. Given this late date, that’s a $500 value to you, my friend. Even if you want to take it at the early bird value, it’s still worth $300.

So they’re not just going to hand that free pass to you. First, you have to be fast. Second, you have to be right. Right about what you ask? Riddle me this, you little Tux groupie you: What date (month/day/year) did Linus originally post the OS on the Internet?

What’s that? You’ve got it already? Oh.

Well okay! Get moving. Send your response to pr@linuxfoundation.org.

The first 20 people to send an email to the address above with the correct answer will get a free pass to LinuxCon. It’s just that easy.

Good luck!

Why are you still reading? Ten people have probably already answered the question already. 11. Go! Scoot!


  1. Daniel (teknotus) Johnson September 10, 2009 at 3:55 pm

    I won! Thanks!

    I’m most excited about the Linux driver writing tutorial headed by Greg K-H himself. I haven’t had time to read through all the sessions yet, and pick my schedule, but from what I’ve read so far it looks to be a really amazing conference.

  2. The question seems easy, but I’m claiming it’s only deceptively so. The date most people probably came up with was in August, but he never posted the code then. The code wasn’t really posted until October.

  3. And if you can’t hit “send” fast enough to get these tickets, listen to FLOSS Weekly # 85 (http://twit.tv/floss85) wherein we give you a code for 30% off the normal registration. Also, you can find out quite a bit about Linux Foundation and LinuxCon, because we interview Linus’s boss. 🙂

  4. I hope I was fast enough. To the linux foundation: The linux nerds who could use these tickets are probably not watching twitter super-closely. I’d go for a contest that takes more time and brain-energy to answer, and then use a longer window for answer submissions.

  5. On that like, uh…something witty on something funny.

    Yeah I was hoping the question would be something challenging like “What’s the average compiling speed of a fully loaded linux install”

    /suitably snarky monty python response here

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