Juice Pitcher: Help GadgetTrak join TheFunded and maybe even the funded

If you’re in an early stage startup, you’ve likely no problem coming up with ideas. You’re probably confident that you can bend technology to your will. And you’re still likely fueled by the passion of bringing your project to life. In fact, if there’s one area that causes problems, it’s one that has very little to do with your startup, at all. The problem? Finding the time to make the right connections—and making sure you’re getting in front of the right people.

That’s what make things like Juice Pitcher—an opportunity to pitch friends of TheFunded—such a great opportunity. And that’s why Portland-based GadgetTrak is trying to get there.

What’s the competition? Ten early stage startups get to pitch 300 investors, media, and other startups. But here’s the catch: TheFunded is taking the democratic crowdsourced angle. In order to get on stage and pitch, the companies have got to get votes.


The good news is that GadgetTrak is currently sitting in the 4th place. And that’s because they’ve got a pretty cool product. They build software for laptops and mobile phones that helps you recover your precious machines when they’re stolen. From pinpointing the thief on a map to taking a photo of the culprit to locking down or wiping out the data. All remotely.

Of course, the worry is that they’ll slip out of that 4th place spot. So here’s what GadgetTrak is willing to do to try to secure that precious time in front of that audience: give you free stuff.

All you have to do is vote for GadgetTrak. Then email kwestin at gadgettrak dot com letting him know if you run a Mac or Windows. And then he’ll send you a free license to GadgetTrak’s software.

A little scratch GadgetTrak’s back and they’ll scratch yours. And I mean, really. Who doesn’t like free stuff? Especially free stuff that prevents thieves from making your valuable stuff into free stuff.

If you’re interested in taking GadgetTrak up on their offer, voting closes on September 30. So you’ve got a few days left.

For more information, visit the Juice Pitcher site. For more on GadgetTrak, see their Vator.tv profile or visit the GadgetTrak site.


  1. Thank you everyone who voted!!! Two days left and we are holding steady in fourth place, if you have not voted please do so, the free license of GadgetTrak’s PC-Trak and/or MacTrak is still good until the close of the voting. Feel free to extend the offer to relatives, friends, family and even pets 🙂

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