REMINDER: Mobile Portland talks SMS, MMS, and short codes tonight

Last week, iPhone users were all atwitter about upgrading to use MMS, the next generation of SMS messaging that allows messages to carry a bigger payload. That means the iPhone users can finally send attachments like images and audio along with the traditional text messages.

And while the rest of the mobile handset world may be scratching their heads as to why this is big news, it’s relatively certain that this new wave of iPhone users will be jumping on the MMS format—and likely taxing the already overburdened mobile infrastructure.

What’s a mobile developer to do? Attend Mobile Portland tonight of course.

And if you don’t think this whole SMS/MMS thing is big business, think again.

In 2007, SMS/MMS accounted for $100 billion in revenue worldwide. That is more than Hollywood box office receipts, dvd sales and rentals, video game industry revenue, and music industry revenue all combined. BMW Germany turned a $70k MMS campaign into $45 million in revenue.

Join Jonathan Karon of Higher Function—the makers of Pincushion—as he talks through the potential for SMS/MMS and what opportunities this functionality could unveil for today’s mobile developers.

The event will be held tonight at 6 PM at AboutUs. For more information or to RSVP, see Mobile Portland on Upcoming. For more on the group, visit Mobile Portland.


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