Ignite Portland 7: It’s a slow burn

Sometimes, even the most well-organized events get thrown for a little loop.

And that’s exactly what happened to our friends over at Legion of Tech when the Bagdad—which has become the de facto home of Ignite Portland—was accidentally double booked. Which means they had to move the date. As Ignite Portland 7 will be taking place on November 19—one week later than expected.

But their loss is your gain. Or whatever. Not only do you get another week of breathless anticipation awaiting the next Ignite, you also get a one week extension on your ignite presentation proposals.

The good news? We’ve also moved the talk idea submission deadline out by one week, too, so now you have until 11:59PM on Sunday October 11 to give us your pitch for a 5 minute, 20 slide burning talk idea that you want to share on stage at IP7. Put it to good use.

And from the looks of things at the moment, your chances of getting selected are pretty darn good. I mean, I know you have an awesome idea for an Ignite talk—but the odds are also in your favor.

So adjust your calendars accordingly, ignite fans. And we’ll see you on November 19. Now put that extra week to good use and get your proposal submitted.