Zipcar iPhone app shifts into gear

A few months back during Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference, the folks at Apple got up on stage to demonstrate a very cool little iPhone app for Zipcar.

The app—designed by Portland-based iPhone agency Small Society—allowed you to find and reserve Zipcars, unlock your car, even honk the horn. But for all the bells and whistles, the app had one major problem: it wasn’t available to the general public. Until now.

Now, describing the app is fine. But seeing it work is better. And while the UI and some of the features have been tweaked a bit, you’ll get a general gist of how the whole thing works from the WWDC demo.


What’s that? You don’t use Zipcar? Well you can—and should—use the app anyway. Why? Because it’s a beautiful implementation of map kit, push notifications, and other iPhone OS 3.0 features. And let’s be honest, honking the horn is just fun—even if it completely annoys your coworkers. Or maybe especially because it annoys your coworkers.

The Zipcar app is free. And from the looks of things, there are quite a few vehicles available in the Portland area at the moment.

For more information or to download the app, visit the Zipcar app in the App Store. For more on the development, see Small Society’s write-up on the Zipcar app.

  1. sheesh. about time. that app has been postponed more than duke nuke ’em & single payer universal health care combined. hey, howzabout some hard hitting journalism on small society & ask ’em some of the hard questions as to what the big delay with the app was? at the demo, they made it seem imminent, like it would be out in days or weeks at most. zipcar even had to issue a statement to complaining clientele as to why the iPhone app was notavailable in the app store yet, *months* after that lauded demo. what happened? was it the apple black hole of app approval (highly unlikely, as apple had made it, as you show, a featured demo), or was it something else between small society & zipcar? enquiring geek minds want to know.

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