memePDX 006: Igniting Portland and Bend, Portland is open, Small Society’s Starbucks and Zipcar apps, and more

It was a busy week around these parts for tech news, what with Ignite Portland shifting dates and Ignite Bend needing sponsors and Portland becoming an open city and Small Society releasing some cool apps and Ray King winning an OEN award. It’s surprising that we were able to cram it all into memePDX.

But we did. Because we respect your time. Sort of. So, without further ado, here’s the latest episode of memePDX.


And if you’re one of those types who likes to hang out for the last minute Easter Egg at the end of every show, this one could use a little setup.

You see, we record the show every Tuesday night and post on Thursday. But the vote on Portland’s open city resolution was Wednesday morning. That means that we had no idea what the vote would be. And while we were fairly sure the resolution would pass, we thought we would play it safe with two reactions. Just in case.

Thank goodness we didn’t have to go with that bleep bleepin’ bleepin’ ending.

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Interested in audio? Here you go.

  1. Thanks for the feedback, Andy. For what it’s worth, the audio version contains absolutely no chroma key whatsoever.

  2. You guys seriously SERIOUSLY need to cool it with the chroma key. Holy crap was that annoying; you’re acting like it’s “Baby’s First A/V Toy” or something.

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