Top 10 Silicon Florist posts for September 2009

As we wrap up the summer and move into fall, things are starting to pick up here again in the Silicon Forest. Lots of startups doing lots of cool things—even the City of Portland is doing cool things with open source.

But what did you—the folks reading Silicon Florist—find most interesting? Well, here are the top 10 posts according to your peers—a combination of Web and RSS metrics—from Silicon Florist for September 2009. Take a look.

  1. Portland, Oregon, joins the ranks of the open cities, officially embracing open data and open source / Mayor Sam Adams and the City of Portland to open source, open data, and transparency communities: Let’s make this official
  2. Mike Berkley on Preparing for the Next Web Boom’
  3. Rumor: WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg will be at Beer and Blog
  4. Portland on Fire: Lighting it up again
  5. Oregon’s next governor: Assessing 14 candidates’ online presence and social media savvy
  6. Portland’s Small Society builds an iPhone app for a little coffee shop called Starbucks
  7. Entrepreneurs’ Organization launches Portland Accelerator
  8. If you’re talking about similar things, you’re probably Simler
  9. Matt Mullenweg on martinis, jazz, and a little open source project called WordPress
  10. Want to go to LinuxCon for free? Better act fast

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

(Image courtesy atul666. Used under Creative Commons.)


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