memePDX 007: Portland is open, WhereCamp PDX, WordPress.tv, Marshall Kirkpatrick, Google Wave, and boco

[HTML2]It’s Thursday. And that means it’s time for yet another roundup of the hottest tech stories in Portland and beyond. And while this episode may be numbered 007, it’s probably not as suave or charming as Mr. Bond. Well, Cami Kaos might be. But not Rick Turoczy. For sure.

This week, we cover Portland’s openness, WhereCamp PDX, WordPress.tv, Marshall Kirkpatrick, Google Wave, and boco. Oh and we throw 40 iPhone apps in to boot.

You’ll also notice that we’re trying out Viddler for embedding the video. We’d love to hear your thoughts on that. And of course, feel free to comment.


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Interested in audio? Here you go.

  1. I *heart* Marshall, too. Also, I agree with Cami that the Viddler player is less intrusive than others. What I really like about Viddler is the topic markers that you can drop into the timeline. Really cool and useful (kind of like Marshall).

  2. I like the viddler player. It seems unobtrusive.

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