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Seeking a solution for creating elegant documentation, collaboratively?

Speaking of collaborative documentation, another interesting startup just crossed my proverbial desk. Oh wait. It is actually a desk. No proverbs needed. Anyway, I just encountered another startup here in town that’s looking to simplify collaborative documentation. And it’s built an elegant and straightforward solution for it. Meet Portway.

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Google Wave may have hit low tide, but Portland’s contribution to the project is still a high watermark

As you may have heard via numerous sourcesincluding the Goog itselfdevelopment has been halted on the cryptic and somewhat enigmatic Google Wave. It’s future? Likely sunsetting. Perhaps dedication to open source.

But what was Google Wave? That’s a question that had many of us scratching our heads. Some of us were still scratching our heads. And somehow “the second coming of Lotus Notes” didn’t quite do it justice. But you know what? A little video by a studio with a strong Portland presence did. Read More

memePDX 007: Portland is open, WhereCamp PDX, WordPress.tv, Marshall Kirkpatrick, Google Wave, and boco

[HTML2]It’s Thursday. And that means it’s time for yet another roundup of the hottest tech stories in Portland and beyond. And while this episode may be numbered 007, it’s probably not as suave or charming as Mr. Bond. Well, Cami Kaos might be. But not Rick Turoczy. For sure.

This week, we cover Portland’s openness, WhereCamp PDX, WordPress.tv, Marshall Kirkpatrick, Google Wave, and boco. Oh and we throw 40 iPhone apps in to boot. Read More