Urban Airship: More than 100 million push notifications served

Last night around 5 PM, Portland-based Urban Airship had their Apple Push Notification Service odometer roll over to 100 million push notifications served.

Startups need milestones. They need goals. And indicators of progress. And sometimes, they need to take a moment to stop and revel in some ridiculously huge numbers that remind them that what they’re doing might—just maybe—have hit upon that idea that will change the world.

For Portland-based Urban Airship, this is one of those times.

Last night around 5 PM, Urban Airship hit one of those ridiculously huge numbers that make you stop and think. It happened when their Apple Push Notification Service odometer rolled over to 100 million push notifications served.

That’s right. One hundred million.

Hmm. Your jaw didn’t drop quite the way mine did. Maybe I should provide you with a little more context?

Again, Urban Airship has now delivered more than 100 million messages—to more than 10 million mobile devices. Why is that a big deal? Well, this whole 100 million thing becomes a lot more impressive when you have a little more detail.

You see, Urban Airship was founded in May 2009. Founded! In May! That’s like nine months ago. When they started. Square one. And they’ve now sent more than 100 million messages. With a team of four people.

Just take a second to think about that. That’s nine figures. In nine months.

So forgive me if I’m a bit effusive. But I think that’s kind of a big deal. I mean, I don’t know how long it took McDonald’s to serve 100 million burgers, but something tells me it took a little longer than nine months and a few more folks than four people.

Yeah. I know. I hear you. They might be on to something here.

So a huge congratulations to the Urban Airship team. This is definitely a milestone worth celebrating.

And here’s looking forward to the next 100 million messages coming a great deal more quickly.

For more information, visit Urban Airship, follow Urban Airship on Twitter, or read the Silicon Florist post I wrote about Urban Airship in June 2009.


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  7. Go Portland startup! Congrats, guys!

  8. Congrats guys, amazing!

  9. That’s awesome! What a milestone to hit in such a short timespan!

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