Startup Weekend Portland: It’s back! (March 5-7, 2010)

How do you find co-founders? How do you get the idea off the ground? You might find the answers to them at Startup Weekend Portland.

[HTML1]If there’s one thing people in Portland love to do, it’s muck with technology. Sometimes, that mucking results in something interesting. Sometimes, that something interesting has enough potential that it could become a full-fledged company. But then there’s difficult transitional period. How do you find co-founders? How do you get the idea off the ground? What is going to force you to actually make something happen?

All good questions. And you might find the answers to them at Startup Weekend Portland.

That’s right. After a little hiatus from Portland, last year—and a stop in Corvallis near the end of last year—everyone’s favorite startup starting sprint is headed back to Portland. The event will be held March 5-7 at NedSpace Old Town. Tickets are $75 each.

Hold the phone. What’s Startup Weekend, you ask?

Startup Weekend is a 54-hour startup event that provides networking, resources, and incentives for individuals and teams to go from idea to launch. Get connected with local developers, innovators, and entrepreneurs. Build community. Start companies. No talk. All action.

In other words, it’s an intensive bootcamp for helping you bring your startup idea to fruition with other like-minded folks.

What kinds of companies come out of startup weekend? Well, the most impressive alumnus of Startup Weekend Portland has to be Portland-based Mugasha, the best way to listen to electronica online. And there were a number of other Portland projects started that still may become going concerns one day.

But arguably, launching companies may be secondary to gaining the experience and making connections with peers whom you might not otherwise meet. So if you’ve got an idea, definitely show up. And if you don’t have an idea yet? Definitely show up.

Still looking for more details? Stay tuned to Startup Weekend Portland, join the Startup Weekend community, or follow Startup Weekend on Twitter. I’ll keep you up-to-date as more details emerge.

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  3. The last time SW came to town, there were a few factors that limited participation. First, it was held on a long holiday weekend. Then, just weeks before, controversy came out of the Seattle SW regarding legality of assigning shares to ‘founders’.

    Looks like they have worked out the legality since then and the new structure is probably even better.

    I’m attending this years and looking forward to meeting other Portlanders there!

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