OurPDX: Ensemble Portland blog relaunches under new management

But the great ensemble blogs with unique insights about Portland are few and far between. And that’s why I’m happy OurPDX is coming out of the mothballs

When it comes to blogging about Portland, there are well known individuals like Bojack and Dave knows Portland. And well know topic blogs like Food Carts Portland, Portland Food and Drink, and Bike Portland. And, of course, there are some great news sources in town that cover all the Portland happenings.

But the great ensemble blogs—the blogs that focus on the unique views of the writers and their insights about Portland—are few and far between. And that’s why I’m happy to report that one of those great group blogs—OurPDX—is coming out of the mothballs, rising from the ashes, and beginning anew.

And while the site is still owned by Betsy Richter (@betsywhim), the original founder, it is now being managed by Robert Wagner (@pdxsucks) of pdx.fm. Which makes perfect sense. Given that OurPDX is like a text version of the uniquely Portland podcasts hosted by pdx.fm.

From the sounds of things, OurPDX is in very capable hands.

“OurPDX was always a labor of love for me & the rest of my fellow OurPDX authors, never an opportunity to garner fame and/or cash,” said Betsy. “When I put the site into hiatus once it became clear to me that I no longer could give the site the attention it deserved, I was stunned to hear that my friend Robert wanted to step in to run OurPDX. I already knew that I trust his judgment without question – but after talking at length to him about his vision for the site, I’m confident that he’ll do an amazing job raising my ‘third child.'”

And it’s clear that Robert sees and understands the opportunity inherent in OurPDX.

Portland, at least in my opinion, is in a very unique place right now. Our unemployment rate has been unacceptably high, yet we’re getting a lot of national attention for the many unique ways we’ve been dealing with it. Our police force and politicians continue to be the subject of intense scrutiny, on a national stage no less, while our arts community suffers from a lack of attention so serious that it’s threatened the very existence of some of our most treasured institutions. All of this while traditional media in our city has become shaky at best, leaving many of us wondering where to turn for objective opinions on almost anything.

“I think that community based blogs like OurPDX will prove to be the next step in the evolution of journalism,” said Robert. “While we’ve already been seeing a shift toward their use among the tech-savvy for several years now, it’s only a matter of time before the general public begins to rely on them for insightful news and opinions on almost anything that affects their daily lives.”

But what of crossover between OurPDX and pdx.fm? The sites seem well positioned to work together. And in so doing, to promote the unique viewpoints of Portland residents.

“The benefits of collaboration between OurPDX and PDX.FM probably aren’t entirely obvious yet but we’re already cooking up ways for them to enhance one another and their respective content,” said Robert. “Each medium has its own inherent strengths, so making the effort would definitely be time well spent.”

One thing is for sure, I’m happy to see OurPDX returning to the scene. And pleased to have posts popping up in my feed reader again.

I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes.


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