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How do you make commuting by bike in Portland even more awesome? By using Ride Report

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times. We here in Portland are incredibly good at providing anecdotal evidence. At weaving together stories. At highlighting the qualitative. But when it comes to actually quantifying things? Not so much. How many? I don’t know. A lot? That’s why I love things like Ride Report. Read More

A 3D printed titanium bicycle complete with its own app: Portland vies for urban biking technology dominance

Wait what? While it’s perfectly logical—and practically obvious—that if someone were to build a 3D printed titanium bike with a bunch of awesome tech and an accompanying mobile app, then that someone would be in Portland. Because Portland. But what if that bike were up against other cities with equally awesome ideas? Read More

Hey, that's my bike: Portland startup Project 529 partners with local bike shops on bike registration

It’s no secret that we here in Portland love our bikes. From allowing for more biking commuters to creating the bikes themselves to crafting the accessories inspired by the biking culture we’re a town of biking. So it should come as little surprise that that’s inspiring tech startups, as well. Read More

OurPDX: Ensemble Portland blog relaunches under new management

But the great ensemble blogs with unique insights about Portland are few and far between. And that’s why I’m happy OurPDX is coming out of the mothballs

When it comes to blogging about Portland, there are well known individuals like Bojack and Dave knows Portland. And well know topic blogs like Food Carts Portland, Portland Food and Drink, and Bike Portland. And, of course, there are some great news sources in town that cover all the Portland happenings.

But the great ensemble blogs—the blogs that focus on the unique views of the writers and their insights about Portland—are few and far between. And that’s why I’m happy to report that one of those great group blogs—OurPDX—is coming out of the mothballs, rising from the ashes, and beginning anew. Read More