Open Source Bridge Startup Crawl: Meet Facebook, JanRain, Puppet Labs, Urban Airship, Wieden + Kennedy, and Taplister… well and Portland’s beer

Open Source Bridge Startup Crawl, a progressive party starting at Kells sponsored by Facebook, JanRain, Puppet Labs, and Urban Airship, Wieden + Kennedy, Taplister.

No matter how geeky or antisocial you claim to be, it remains a fact that—every once in awhile—you need to put down the keyboard and spend some time with other developers. And this Thursday night, Portland, is one of those times.

Why? Because it’s the Open Source Bridge Startup Crawl, a progressive party starting at Kells sponsored by Facebook, mozying on to Portland startups like JanRain, Puppet Labs, and Urban Airship, and then finally winding up on the rooftop deck of Wieden + Kennedy and refreshments from Taplister.

Sound like fun? Of course it does. And all it takes is your Open Source Bridge badge to get you through each and every one of those doors.

As you were reading through the list of hosts, I bet you raised your eyebrow, didn’t you? C’mon. I know I saw you do it. Facebook? How do they fit into the mix? Well, there are any number of reasons. First off, Facebook is an insanely large open source application. Second, Facebook is one of the premier sponsors of Open Source Bridge. Third, Facebook has a bunch of folks in town for the OS Bridge. And finally—and my favorite—is that David Recordon of Facebook is a Portland native. Add all of those up and Facebook is more than happy to help kick off the crawl.

But what about the rest of the gang on the crawl? The four start-ups involved are JanRain, Puppet Labs, Taplister, and Urban Airship. Three of the four—JanRan, Puppet Labs, and Urban Airship—will be hosting open houses from 7 PM until around 9 PM. The fourth, Taplister, will be buying the beer for the wrap party, which will be hosted by Wieden + Kennedy, beginning around 9 PM.

So to summarize, here’s your agenda:

Not enough excitement for you? Well, it’s also First Thursday. Which means that the Pearl District should be hopping.

So clear your social calendar and come hang out with Open Source Bridge, Facebook, and some awesome startups. I can guarantee it will be time well spent.

We’ll see you on Thursday night. I hope. And please, please, please don’t forget your badge.

(Image courtesy reivax. Used under Creative Commons.)

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  2. For additional crawling, detour by SwellPath at 13th and Flanders (block west of W+K) for free pints, music, and shenanigans. 5:30 to whenever.
    – Adam

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