If your stuff gets stolen, wouldn’t you rather track all of the culprits from one GadgetTrak dashboard?

It’s fairly safe to assume that—in a day and age of handheld electronics—if a thief happens to make off with your belongings, the culprit is likely to nab multiple pieces of technology at once. And that can make tracking and recovering them even more challenging.

It could, that is, until now. If you’ve got ActiveTrak’s GadgetTrak 3, I mean.

What’s GadgetTrak you ask? Well, it’s a software solution from Portland-based ActiveTrak that helps folks use the technology in their laptops and phones to track down culprits who kiped their hardware. Long story short, it’s bad news for ne’er do wells. And yes, I wrote that entire sentence simply to use the phrase “ne’er do wells.” So sue me.

“Today’s families typically have multiple computers in their home, many of them mobile devices such as laptops and netbooks that leave the home and are vulnerable to loss and theft,” said ActiveTrak CEO Ken Westin. “ActiveTrak specifically designed our newest software platform with households with multiple devices and small- to medium-sized businesses in mind. By being able track all laptops, netbooks and desktop computers simply, in one location, people are better able to keep tabs on all their computers, regardless of what kind of computers they are.”

In addition to the dashboard, GadgetTrak 3 features advanced positioning through wifi that pinpoints stolen laptops within 10 meters, detailed email notifications that highlight information about a device’s location, and enhanced Webcam support that allows the owner to snap pictures of the thief or the unknowing recipient of the stolen goods.

GadgetTrak 3 retails for $34.95 per device per year.

For more information, read the ActiveTrak press release on GadgetTrak 3. Or to purchase your own copy, visit GadgetTrak.