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What are the potential ramifications of having your source code stolen?

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times: Panic is one of the most amazing software companies Portland has ever created. But even amazing companies have their share of bad luck. Like recently, when Panic discovered that someone had managed to maliciously steal a good chunk of their source code.

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If your stuff gets stolen, wouldn’t you rather track all of the culprits from one GadgetTrak dashboard?

It’s fairly safe to assume that—in a day and age of handheld electronics—if a thief happens to make off with your belongings, the culprit is likely to nab multiple pieces of technology at once. And that can make tracking and recovering them even more challenging.

It could, that is, until now. If you’ve got ActiveTrak’s GadgetTrak 3, I mean. Read More

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