Another Portlander plans to revolutionize banking: Bill DeRouchey joins BankSimple

BankSimple isn’t a Portland company, per se, but co-founder and Chief Product and Technology Officer, Alex Payne, lives here in Portland. So much like Vimeo and Kickstarter, we consider them part of our tech scene.

And now, the Portland office of BankSimple is going to double in size. News has broken this morning that Bill DeRouchey, formerly of Ziba Design—and a guy who has more knowledge of buttons and ukeleles than most—has joined BankSimple as Creative Director.

What’s BankSimple trying to do? Form a bank. A non-trivial pursuit. Especially in this day and age.

Perhaps more exciting is the situation, the company, the people, the mission. In the midst of a financial crisis, during a time when everybody hates banks, we’re starting a bank. On the surface, it’s a bit crazy. But it also means that it could be a perfect time to shake things up. What if you start from scratch, with new technology, an API, a focus on mobile, and a mission to treat customers well? That’s what we’re doing.

What drew Bill to BankSimple? The potential to make meaningful change.

It’s my firm belief that one of the keys to success is avoiding the artificial, uniform face that most companies present. Success means being an accessible collection of genuine people that incidentally comprise a company. That’s why the idea of joining this team captivated me. It’s not just the amazing technology, or the product ideas that will rethink banking. It’s the willingness of Josh, Shamir, and Alex to speak publicly and bluntly about tricky subjects like banking and personal finance. They speak about the world of money like real people, and that made me want to join the team.

Now, instead of just talking about how more humane corporate design and communication would be a great idea, I now have the opportunity to make this happen from the start of a brand new company. As BankSimple grows, aspects of our character and personality will continue to shine through, as they already have on BankSimple’s blog.

Here’s hoping that this is just the next of many steps that make BankSimple more and more a part of the Portland startup tech scene.

For more information, read Bill’s post on his new gig or see the official BankSimple post.

  1. […] Another Portlander plans to revolutionize banking: Bill DeRouchey joins BankSimple (3) […]

  2. […] Another Portlander plans to revolutionize banking: Bill DeRouchey joins BankSimple […]

  3. You used the CyborgCamp picture of Bill! That’s awesome!

    In other words, I’m really excited to see him join BankSimple. I love the idea of what they’re trying to do, and with Bill on the team, there’s even more to be excited about!

  4. Great news indeed and my wishes with the team to create a successful product!

    Just a clarification. BankSimple is not a bank. http://bit.ly/c9NKuf

    Notice their tag line:

    “Weʼre not a bank. Weʼre better.”

    As much as it sounds like a marketing slogan, it is a fact.

    BankSimple empathizes with customers who have lost trust with their banks and has created a clever and simple customer experience solution from logging in to their account to withdrawing money from ATM and even talking to a live agent on the phone to name a few tasks.

    Here’s another interesting article on their service.


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