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Reminiscing and retrospecting: Strands of Simple's acquisition story pre-date the company's Portland existence

When the news of Simple’s acquisition hit this morning, it immediately dawned on me that I have been so incredibly lucky to be around—recording and blogging—the company’s entire Portland existence. Read More

What a difference a year makes: Simple recounts its first year with customers on the platform

Portland-based Simple has a very lofty goal: to build a better banking experience. Or to be more blunt: to build a bank that doesn’t suck. And after a year with customers using the platform, Simple appears well on their way to satisfying that goal. Read More

First, they simplified their office structure. Now, they’ve simplified their name. BankSimple is now Simple.

Not so long ago, BankSimple announced that they had decided to consolidate their New York, San Francisco, and Portland offices, by moving their headquarters to Portland.

Today, they announced another change for the company. They’re no longer BankSimple. Now, they’re simply Simple. Read More

Sneak peek: BankSimple gives you an inside look at what they’re building

While we were all excited to have BankSimple deciding to headquarter in Portland—and we’ve all been looking forward to “a bank that doesn’t suck”—many of us have been wondering about exactly what functionality BankSimple plans to release in their first iteration. Read More

Banking on Portland: BankSimple consolidates its offices in the Rose City

It wasn’t so long ago that Alex Payne moved to Portland. And co-founded a new startup that wasn’t anywhere near Portland. That startup was BankSimple.

As time went on, Alex helped the BankSimple office in Portland grow, made some interesting local hires, and continued to work as the company landed more funding for its cause—reinventing the consumer experience with banks. Read More

BankSimple banks $10 million in additional funding

It’s always nice to report on Portland funding news. This time, it’s BankSimple—whom we count as a Portland company thanks to their CTO and co-founder Alex Payne and their dev shop being located here in Portland. The company just landed an additional $10 million in financing and added Visa, Bancorp, CBW, Allpoint, and Andera to their partner list. Read More

PIE: From side project to startup

A few years back, I had the opportunity to run a BarCamp Portland session called “From side project to startup.” I’ve always liked that thought. Because it’s a dream that so many of us have. To work on something we love—even if it’s on the side. And for that project to build so much momentum and find users and find revenue. And that we could make it our job. Day in and day out.

Well, I never believed it would happen to me. But with Silicon Florist and PIE, it has. Read More

Alex Payne discusses BankSimple, Portland, investors, and startup life

Well, Alex Payne, CTO and co-founder of BankSimple, took a few minutes to sit down with Startup Weekly and to share some of his thoughts.

It’s not often that someone tries to reinvent the banking industry. Especially from Portland, Oregon. But that’s exactly what the folks from BankSimple‘s Portland outpost are doing on a daily basis.

What’s it like? Well, Alex Payne, CTO and co-founder of BankSimple, took a few minutes to sit down with Startup Weekly and share some of his thoughts. Read More

Top 10 Silicon Florist posts for September 2010: Beers with BankSimple beats OSCON, Urban Airship more popular than free beer

Yes, let’s that right. It’s time for the latest round of monthly navel gazing. Where we look back at we what read and the popular stories get more popular.

What did September 2010 bring? A scuffle and a free beer or two. Let’s take a look at the most popular posts on Silicon Florist last month, as determined by Web and RSS traffic. Read More

Beer, blogging… what could be more simple? How about BankSimple at Beer and Blog?

It’s Friday. I think. Let me check. Yes, it’s Friday! And you know what that means, right? Well, yes. Oh. Right. I guess it does mean that, too. But it… yes. That too. But it also means it’s time for everyone’s favorite Portland tech happy hour, Beer and Blog.

Now, as many of you know, Beer and Blog is always special. It’s just that sometimes? It’s a little more special than others. This is one of those times. You see, word around the campfire is that the BankSimple crew will be attending, this week. Read More

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