REMINDER: Last chance to respond to last software community survey from the Portland Development Commission

I know, I know. You’re already halfway to your Halloween costume and candy coma. But I was wondering if I might take just a few seconds of your time before you build up another pile of fun size wrappers on your desk?

The Portland Development Commission’s last survey to get a pulse on the Portland software community’s needs closes today. That’s right. Today. So take your sugar-infused self on over to the survey and answer a few questions.

What’s the survey all about?

Our first survey in April benefited from the involvement of more than 280 respondents who identified the issues that affect our region’s software professionals most.

Our second survey looked into the issues affecting the alignment of our community and logged more than 300 respondents.

In today’s survey we want to hear your ideas about 3 major issues that were identified by these previous surveys and test a few of the ideas that were suggested in those survey responses.

And as I said, they’re trying to close it out today so that they can get the results to the Mayor early next week. If you’ve got a few seconds, please take a moment to complete the survey.

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