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REMINDER: Welcoming your opinions on the Portland startup community

Just one last reminder to chime in on the survey about the Portland startup community if you haven’t already. It will be closing soon — and then I’ll share the results.

Every single one of you has made this community what it is and still has the potential to make our community even more awesome. That’s why your participation and feedback are incredibly important to me. And I want to make sure that your voice is in the mix. So please take a moment to respond.

How would you make the Portland startup community better?

After 10 years, I’m doubling down on my efforts to help make the Portland startup community even better and more awesome than it already is. But let’s be honest. I’m not really the most creative person. So rather than me try to guess what all of the problems or opportunities with our community are, I thought it would be wise to get your input and insights. And so did Built Oregon and PIE.

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What would you want in a online resource for Portland startups?

You know me, I’m always a fan of people who stop talking about doing something and actually start doing something. Even if other folks have tried to do that something before. So when a group of folks approached me with the idea of creating an online resource for startups in our community, what did I say?

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If you're a startup founder, Oregon wants to help. What do you need?

Being a startup founder is difficult. Really really difficult. So I’m always happy when our community takes the opportunity to help founders. And I’m even happier when they ask those founders what they need. Instead of assuming they have the answers. That’s why I’m excited to see Oregon BEST asking startups founders—all Oregon startup founders—what kind of support they need. Read More

Experiencing issues with access to capital? PDC wants to hear about it

Over the past few years, the Portland Development Commission (PDC) has taken an increasingly active role in helping early stage startups through the Startup PDX Challenge. But they do more than that. They’ve helped thousands of small and medium sized business secure capital. Still, they realize that there is always room for improvement. Read More

How did you learn to program?

I get asked a few times a week how people can learn to program. I felt like if more people shared their stories it might help people to understand how many different ways people teach themselves to work with code. Read More

Looking to share your knowledge about Portland? Look no further than the PortlandWiki

Everyday there are new awesome things happening in Portland. Things that matter to people in Portland. Things that change and form the very core of what Portland is. But how can anyone keep track of all this amazing information about our fair city?

Well, that’s why we have PortlandWiki. Read More

REMINDER: Last chance to respond to last software community survey from the Portland Development Commission

I know, I know. You’re already halfway to your Halloween costume and candy coma. But I was wondering if I might take just a few seconds of your time before you build up another pile of fun size wrappers on your desk?

The Portland Development Commission’s last survey to get a pulse on the Portland software community’s needs closes today. That’s right. Today. So take your sugar-infused self on over to the survey and answer a few questions. Read More

Survey, survey, who has the survey? Portland Development Commission (PDC) does. For you. Again.

Remember a few months back when you took that Portland Development Commission (PDC) survey about the state of the Portland software market? Remember the kerfuffle—albeit a justified one—that took place immediately following the release of the results?

Well, as planned, the PDC has released the next instantiation of the survey, designed to dive deeper into some of the questions and to keep the conversation with the software community going. Oh, yeah, you saw where I was going, didn’t you? Yeah. Well. Would you? Would you please take a moment to respond to the PDC software survey? Read More

Town Hall: Discuss the results of the initial Portland Development Commission (PDC) software cluster survey

So now the town hall discussion will be held this Wednesday, May 26, beginning at 4:30 PM at Wieden + Kennedy (who was kind enough to offer up the space given that the PDC was booked).

As you may know, the Portland Development Commission (PDC) is currently engaged in a project designed to help them assess and better understand the state and size of the software industry in Portland. To this end, they have engaged the community in an initial survey and they have plans for at least two others.

Originally, the PDC wanted to discuss these results with the community last week. But when several parties mentioned that it conflicted with WebVisions, PDC took that feedback to heart and rescheduled. So now the town hall discussion will be held this Wednesday, May 26, beginning at 4:30 PM at Wieden + Kennedy (who was kind enough to offer up the space given that the PDC was booked). Read More

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