Still clinging to 2010: Visualizing Silicon Florist headlines from last year

Yes, it’s 2011. Yes, it’s probably time to move on from the nostalgic navel gazing and just embrace this spankin’ new year. You’re right. There’s already a bunch of cool stuff happening. It’s true. And I’ve already done the whole top posts of December and the year crap.

But wait. Look at this! It’s a visualization of what 2010 Silicon Florist headlines looked like. I mean, who can resist a word cloud visualization? Ooh. Shiny object.

Silicon Florist 2010

Want to make your own word cloud? I use Wordle.

What else is left over from 2010? Well, let me tell you. Hopefully, you were taking some time off over the holidays. You know, ignoring your machine and mobile and stuff. So you may have missed this little tidbit. I had offered to double the amount of time any post remained on the Silicon Florist job and gig board if folks posted before the end of the year.

Well, guess what? I’m extending the extending. That’s right. Get your jobs posted in January and they’ll remain live on the site twice as long as they normally do. So it’s like you’re getting two posts for the price of one. And yes, I’ll even extend the donations to Oregon Food Bank.

See? Clinging to 2010 for a little longer ain’t so bad afterall, is it?

  1. You forgot “beer.”

  2. So besides portland, this is the “Reminder” for an “Open” “Lunch”at, “iPhone” “Startup”, “Urban” Airship” “Tonight” blog.

    No need to pay me for the search terms. Just kidding… sot of not.


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