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What did Silicon Florist 2014 look like?

Every year, as the year draws to a close, I like to go back and thumb through the stories that appeared on Silicon Florist. To take a look at everything from the companies mentions to the number of words I managed to shove into a mangled headline. And while I was mucking around, I thought it might be nice to get all retro and serve you up a year end word cloud. Read More

Still clinging to 2010: Visualizing Silicon Florist headlines from last year

Yes, it’s 2011. Yes, it’s probably time to move on from the nostalgic navel gazing and just embrace this spankin’ new year. You’re right. There’s already a bunch of cool stuff happening. It’s true. And I’ve already done the whole top posts of December and the year crap.

But wait. Look at this! It’s a visualization of what 2010 Silicon Florist headlines looked like. I mean, who can resist a word cloud visualization? Ooh. Shiny object. Read More

What does Silicon Florist 2009 look like?

(Feel free to read that headline in a mad Samuel L. Jackson voice. I do.)

It’s the end of the year. That lull between Christmas and New Year’s Day. And as such, I’ve given the expansive staff at Silicon Florist time to go home and be with their families and friends.

That’s just how I roll. Read More