Freelance curious? Peat Bakke wants to share his insights on freelancing as a developer

You know me. I like the startups. And while those startups can sometimes have the potential to be big ol’ companies, sometimes a tech startup can be a one person venture. When? When it’s a startup that is a single developer moving into the realm of freelancing.

But where to start? What to do? What the hell? Well, local freelance developer Peat Bakke has some answers. And he’d like to share his insights. I mean, if you’re interested and stuff.

Who is this Peat character?

Well, he’s a successful freelance developer who has worked with Portland companies like Nike, Intel, JanRain, Webtrends, Collectability, and the GoSeeTell Network, as well as major brands like National Geographic, NPR, Fox, Coke, and Microsoft.

And Peat wants to share some of that learning.

I’m putting together some workshops for freelance software developers to help with the non-technical “business” side of things. Marketing, communication, taxes, time management, etc. I’m a web developer and had to learn a lot of things the hard way, so I’m keen to help other people avoid common pitfalls, and get started on the right foot.

But he’d like to know exactly what you want to hear from him. So if you’re interested, Peat would like to hear where—exactly—your interests lie. So he’s created a quick survey to help him refine the curriculum for the workshop.

(Image courtesy Peat Bakke. Used under Creative Commons.)

  1. Thanks, Rick!

    I’m excited to hear from the Silicon Florist crowd; the more responses I get, the more useful this workshop will be.

    You all are welcome to contact me directly at peat@i26r.com if you have questions or concerns.

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