Come see some Demolicious Portland projects, this Wednesday at Backspace

A few weeks back, I put out a call for Portland startups and projects to get up on stage at the first Demolicious of 2011. And as luck would have it, there were a ton of awesome responses. Trouble is, we only had five spots available. And picking which five was tough.

But now, the selection is done. So all that’s left is your heading to Demolicious this Wednesday at Backspace, watching the awesome demos, and helping select a crowd favorite.

Who made the cut? Let’s take a look at the Demolicious participants this time around.

AthletePath aggregates cyclists race data to showcase accomplishments, improvements, performance trending. It helps an athlete to know all of their stats, and to seek-out and keep track of fellow racers as well. — David Embree

ePDX is a community-edited directory of Portland’s awesome tech community. It covers people, companies, groups, projects/products, community resources, and the relationships between them. It’s also an open-source project that will eventually become generic enough to be used anywhere a community directory is needed. — Reid Beels

Inviite is an event promotion platform, to simplify gathering of people. Think evite + ticketmaster + facebook events + meetup + community calendar. — Eric Redmond

Opal helps organizations change and amplify cultures in order to better tackle the problems businesses face but cannot solve using traditional methods. — George Huff

RTtosee is a content promotion platform for Twitter. It allows creation of a custom short url through which content can be viewed, but only if a user has retweeted the original tweet containing the url. Simple as that: retweet a link, see the content. — Shaun Tinney

Pretty cool right? And lots of variety. So please make plans to head to Backspace around 6 PM on Wednesday. And give these folks the benefit of demoing in front of a crowd.

Want to be up there next time? You can always apply.

For more information, see Demolicious on Upcoming or Demolicious on Plancast.

(Image courtesy Stéfan Le Dû. Used under Creative Commons)

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  3. These sound awesome. Especially RTtosee.

    See you Wednesday!

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