Top 10 Silicon Florist posts for February 2011

Ah February. What a short little month. But somehow? Despite all that shortness? It managed to still get chockfull of a bunch of awesome information. Sigh. Portland. You crazy startuppy town.

So what sort of goodness did the month of February hold? And how many more damn times am I going to ask a question in this post? Let’s take a look at the most popular Silicon Florist posts for February 2011 as ranked by Web and RSS traffic.

  1. Portland should be ordering dogfood by the truckload
  2. From AboutUs to Ziba Design: 18 awesome jobs for the technically inclined
  3. Don’t just demo, Portland. Demolicious. (Your favorite tech demo night is back.)
  4. Rose City ‘Til I Die: Portland Timbers’ Flickr photostream crowdsources PDX’s love of soccer
  5. How do you raise a million dollars in Portland in this economy? These folks will tell you, this Tuesday
  6. Why an Argentinean serial entrepreneur moved to Portland to run his business
  7. Whereas, Portland startups are awesome: Mayor Sam Adams declares Portland Entrepreneurship Week, February 20-27, 2011
  8. How important was your K-12 education to your brave new world techie job of today?
  9. Searching for a free beer in Portland? Google Hotpot can help you find one at Beer and Blog, this Friday
  10. Is Portland, Oregon, really the de facto hub of open source? Montreal, Quebec, and Raleigh, North Carolina, say no

Well done, February. Shrimpy month that you are.

What’s that? You need more top 10 lists? And more questions? Glutton. Check out Mike Rogoway’s top posts for February.

(Image courtesy Matt Blair. Used under Creative Commons.)

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