Miss out on Darius Monsef’s fireside chat at PIE? Don Park captured it for you

As everyone knows, there are always a ton of tech events happening in Portland on any given day. And it’s difficult to make it to most of them. But luckily there are folks like Don Park who take the opportunity to capture the moment.

So if you missed the get together with Darius Monsef of COLOURlovers, last week at PIE, fear not. Don managed to capture a pretty good audio stream of the event—and some video. It’s well worth a listen.

Take a few minutes to hear Darius—and the entire COLOURlovers team—talk about Y Combinator, the Portland startup scene, and getting your ideas out there.


(Hat tip @pdxsays)

  1. Thanks, Don! Wish I could’ve been there!

  2. Yeah, the video looks like we’re trying to protect their identities doesn’t it? I was really happy that the sound came out as well as it did.

  3. The video quality was pretty bad but the audio wasn’t too bad and the content was top notch! Thanks!

  4. Thanks for the shout-out, Rick!

    I’d like to capture more of the great content that gets produced every week by the Portland Tech Community. Specifically I’m looking for a wireless mic setup to plug into my laptop and have the speaker wear. Anyone know of one I can use?

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