Portland 100: Taking the next step in solidifying the Portland startup community

Come hear the plans for the Portland 100 and the Portland startup scene. Join Gerald Baugh of the PDC and Nitin Khanna as they take you through the thinking behind the Portland 100, Wednesday, April 6 beginning at 5 PM at Puppet Labs.

In many ways, the Portland startup community is still in its infancy. Sure. We’ve had successes here and there. But the framework and structure that is part and parcel of larger startup towns like Seattle and the Bay Area are still somewhat nascent around here.

So we’ve got to build some of those support mechanisms from scratch. But we also needed companies that were ready to take the next step. Well, we’re getting there. And the Portland 100 is the next logical step.

The Software Summit in December was a milestone event to chart the course of a strategic plan aimed at helping the Software Cluster thrive. At that event, we announced the formation of three networks in response to industry feedback. Each of these networks is now building tangible deliverables to further support the growth of Portland’s software industry.

On Wednesday April 6, 2011, you are invited to attend a reception where we will launch another significant new initiative that will drive economic development within the Software cluster: the Portland 100. Please join me and many of your industry peers as Nitin Khanna, CEO of MergerTech and former CEO and founder of Saber, rolls out the program. The program will also include a recap of the PDX11 Unconference and Hackathon at Portland State University April 1-2 and a brief update on progress of our various networks.

Yeah. If you’ve ever had the chance to meet Nitin—one of the handful of folks in the Portland startup scene who can claim “successful exit” on his resume—you know you’re in for something interesting. And if you haven’t had a chance to meet him? This would be a good opportunity to do so.

Come hear the plans for the next step in the Portland startup scene. Join Gerald Baugh of the PDC and Nitin as they take you through the thinking behind the Portland 100, Wednesday, April 6 beginning at 5 PM at Puppet Labs.

To RSVP, head over to Calagator (with its awesome new Plancast integration).

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  3. A nice campaign to ensure that all of the PDX11 initiatives are pulling on the same rope while providing a clear strategic objective, concise and tangible messaging (to folks both inside PDX metro as well as to companies, investors, etc. from afar), and value back to the PDX metro economy. Now for my loaded question: Is PDX100 only about SW startups in PDX metro or about SW companies of all sizes? I’ve heard both answers. I’ve both grown existing companies here in PDX as well as had a couple of successful exits–I like PDX100’s vision, but hope it isn’t limited to just startups. Personally I believe it does need to embrace software companies of all sizes who are investing to grow in the PDX metro area if it is to be successful. In the case of startups, I also don’t see organizations like OEN, SAO, Angel Oregon, etc. as teeing up “farm teams” out of the AA Leagues to graduate to PDX100. This is an effort we should all support on a even keel vs. implementing a caste system which will be broken out of the gate.

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