Startup Weekend Portland IV launches 11 new startup ideas

Startup Weekend Portland IV was, without a doubt, the largest Startup Weekend gathering Portland has seen—and perhaps the most diverse. With a good chunk of development talent, some really nice gender parity, a bunch of people from out of town, and, of course, a ton of energy and some very creative ideas.

But when the dust settled, it was two of the 11 Startup Weekend ideas that judges chose to win: AudioName and MyReplayLive.

But let’s run you through all of the ideas.

  • AudioName acts as an audio avatar, giving people the correct pronunciation of your name in your voice
  • Biznab offers a super simple CRM targeted at contractors and other service industry folks
  • GoodPursuits makes supporting charities a clue-driven game
  • Grepic allows individuals and companies to tag Facebook photos, providing a more rich information set for viewers
  • KidInk makes it easy for kids and parents to share kids’ artwork online
  • MyReplayLive gives everyone a highlight reel by broadcasting amateur sporting events
  • Play Academy helps children and parents manage growth and development around math
  • SellHappLee allows powersellers to easily post items to eBay, Amazon, and other similar storefront sites
  • Skitterlist tells you what restaurants and bars you’ll like based on people with similar habits and interests
  • Spotzie allows you to rent out your driveway as a parking spot
  • Ulysses Pact enables you to enlist the help of friends and family in achieving your goals

Of those pitches—and prototypes—the judges chose AudioName. And they liked it so much, that they cobbled together a $2500 kickstarter among them to keep AudioName motivated. But they also felt that MyReplayLive had a ton of potential. So it got a nice runner package, as well.

Congrats to everyone who participated. It was really an impressive bunch of ideas.

Interested in participating? Stay tuned to Startup Weekend Portland for more details as Startup Weekend Portland V comes together. Or jump in the car and head down to Startup Weekend Corvallis in May.

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