Have Lunch with WebTrends, Again

Local analytics powerhouse, WebTrends (@webtrends) will be hosting their third Lunch 2.0 on May 11, 2011.

Not that a Lunch 2.0 needs one, but the occasion is the launch of their newest product, Analytics 10, a tool that unifies web, social and mobile analytics into a single package. Win.

They’ll have Analytics 10 available to test-drive, if you’re interested, but if you’re not, no worries, the usual free-form networking will be in full swing as well. Maybe if we’re lucky, the sun will make an appearance, so we can bask on the deck.

After co-hosting previous Lunch 2.0s with Open Source Bridge (@osbridge) in 2009 and Network Redux (@networkredux) last year, this will be WebTrends’ third time buying lunch for us, putting them in elite company with AboutUs (@aboutus) as the most generous Lunch 2.0 hosts.

You’ve probably been to WebTrends before for a user group meeting, a town hall or some other tech meetup; over the past couple years, they’ve become a great resource to the Portland community, opening their offices to many different geeky events.

So, thanks for that WebTrends, and thanks for keeping the Lunch 2.0 train rolling.

And it looks like they’re hiring too.

Don’t wait, hit the link to RSVP for yourself and any guests/coworkers/entourage members.

Hosts: WebTrends

Where: 851 SW 6th Avenue #1600, Portland, OR, 97204

When: May 11, 2011 from 12 PM to 2 PM

RSVP on Upcoming

Upcoming Portland Lunch 2.0s

If you’re interested or know someone who might be interested in hosting a Lunch 2.0, drop a comment, hit me up on Twitter (@jkuramot), etc.

Want to know what’s involved? Check out the how-to primer.

Big thanks to all the hosts who have hosted or plan to host Lunch 2.0. As with the majority of the tech events in Portland, sponsors make them happen. So, we humbly thank you.

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