You’re all Webtastic and visionary, right? Right. So submit your entry for the 2011 Webvisionary Awards

My, my, my how time flies. It seems like just last year I was badgering you guys to submit your entries to the Webvisionary Awards 2010. And now? That’s right. I’m badgering you to submit your entries to the Webvisionary Awards 2011.

Why? Because if you’re good enough and smart enough and the judges like you, you could take the stage and go home with a robot during WebVisions, this year.

Each year, in conjunction with the WebVisions Conference, the Webvisionary Awards celebrates the most imaginative, daring, and curious talent on the Web by awarding miniature robots to the best of the best.

Submit your work in daring categories: Suck it, HTML5, Fantastic Typographic, All Your Format Are Belong to Us and more. Your work will be judged by robot approved industry experts such as Mark Frauenfelder of BoingBoing.net, Roger Black, Erin Malone, Christian Crumlish, Josh Clark and many others.

Now is no time to be a wallflower or a shrinking violet or some other flower inspired platitude. Get over there and submit your cool stuff. You’ve only got until April 15, 2011. Well, and bring $25 to apply.

Still not convinced? Maybe this will tempt you.

This is much more than just an awards show. We’ll have a DJ on hand to provide foreground jams, and our hilarious host, Andrew Dickson, will park himself on stage between you and CHAD the Robot, and act as your PPKJ (PowerPoint Karaoke Jockey). It’ll be a night to remember, if the robots don’t vaporize our brains.

For more information, visit the Webvisionary Awards.