Who’s doing the best social media work? SoMe Awards announces finalists

When it comes to social media, many things are fleeting. Twitter and Facebook stream by. And moments that, at first, seem entirely unforgettable vanish in an instant. Never to be seen again. Like tears in the rain…

Wait a second. WTF?

Sorry, I must be all blissed out from listening to this little ditty.


Now where was I? Oh yes.

What I meant to say is that there are a bunch of people working really hard to make social media work for companies and brands and stuff. And those folks deserve recognition for their creativity and their efforts. That’s why we have the SoMe Awards.

Honoring the best social media projects, programs and campaigns in the in the US. The SoMe Awards are being held in Portland, Oregon on Thursday April 21st at The Fez ballroom.

After two wildly successful events in 2009 and 2010 the 3rd annual SoMe Awards are ramping up! In 2009, Social Media Club Portland, SEMpdx, the Software Association of Oregon and Innotech presented one of the nation’s first social media awards programs to a capacity crowd of 200+ marketing and technology leaders. These organizations – joined by the blogging mavens at TMMpdx.com – are planning an expanded event this year. The SoME Awards moves to the Fez ballroom, with libations for every ticket-holder, red-carpet interviews with winners and more.

And now, the SoMe Award finalists have been announced.

Who made the cut? Well, let’s take a look.

  • Pop Art, Inc.
  • Karmic Marketing
  • Regence
  • StepChange Group, a Dachis company
  • Grady Britton
  • Maxwell PR
  • Saban Brands
  • Morange Design
  • Provenance Hotels
  • Bonfire Social Media
  • Mambo Media, Inc.
  • Woobox
  • NW Premier Inv. dba brothers’
  • White Horse
  • Edelman
  • Attention
  • InFocus[B]cause Media | Social Communications
  • tenfour Draftfcb
  • Anvil Media
  • SNAP For Business
  • Wpromote, Inc.
  • Kaku Media, Inc.

What’s that? Not enough for you? Fine. How about these apples? The SoMe Awards will be hosted by Daniel Baldwin, whom you may remember as sort of Portland’s own version of Charlie Sheen before Charlie Sheen was… well #winning.

Oh sure. Now you want a ticket.

For more information, visit the SoMe Awards or Innotech.