How badass is your Portland neighborhood? Check the Portland Badass-ness Map

You know, we throw a lot of technology around in Portland. A lot of open source. A lot of geohacking. A lot of data points being tossed about, willy nilly.

But let’s be honest. What is data without context? Not much. And when it comes to context, what better context is there than badassedness? None. Really.

So when you take the data in Portland and combine it with a badass factor, which neighborhood is the most badass neighborhood in Portland?

Thanks to the data in Calagator, data from elsewhere in Portland—like land values, beer availability, strip clubs, coffee locations, food carts, MAX access, pinball, Supportland coverage, and bike access… and some heat map magic, you may soon find out.

Watch and see.


Yeah. I know. Kind of just a Portland promo video, right?

To gain a full understanding of your neighborhood’s badassedness, download the complete Badass-ness map (PDF). Want to muck with some of this data and heatmaps, yourself? Check out HotGator on Github.

  1. […] How badass is your Portland neighborhood? Check the Portland Badass-ness Map […]

  2. […] How badass is your Portland neighborhood? Check the Portland Badass-ness Map […]

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  4. Your mic sounds like shit!

  5. @ Are you serious?

    This was a project for a GIS class at Portland State University. I know, because these guys were in my class and premiered the video there. It is an incredibly detailed analysis, whether or not you care for the topic. A vast amount of work was done to make this map, plus it was simply a fun way for my classmates to utilize the powerful tools that we learned throughout the term.

    Imagine how important this kind of work can be, say when the earthquake hit in Haiti and emergency response had to be determined. Please, don’t knock it for the uses it truly represents!

  6. […] You know how Portland loves the geogeeking. I mean, we’re always hearing about how folks are using geolocation to hack, build products, or simply determine how badass particular Portland neighborhoods may be. […]

  7. Put a bird on it.

  8. We’re just stoked “Supportland Merchants” was the first factor listed in qualifying badassness (although it kindof got chomped up in the video). Bravo to the youth and thanks for posting.

  9. I think what is jarring is the “Unintentional Portlandia” of the video. I like the
    reuse but the presentation …

  10. @AreYouSerious – Are *you* serious?

    Analyzing data like this is certainly interesting and has a lot of real-world applicability beyond how badass a neighborhood is. Just because the application of it in this case is, in your words, immature doesn’t mean it isn’t useful or interesting for other folks who are looking at integrating spatial data.

  11. @Are you serious Lighten up. This is a really fun demonstration of the power of spatial data, spatial relationships and visualization. Thanks for sharing this!

  12. Are you serious? April 26, 2011 at 7:24 am

    So, a bunch of bored millennials who are so immature they still care how cool they look came up with a map. Good on them for taking time off from playing Portal 2 long enough to create a PDF.

    And your readers should care…. why? I was under the impression that the subject matter of the blog had something to do with Portland area technology startups.

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